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Providing eMail Marketing Services Since 1996.

To make email marketing easy we help you get set up as self service or full service on any ESP email platform, script hosting, and/or set up on a desktop/server software solutions. From data list segmentation to DNS whitelisting or even to video in email. You name the set up or situation you need and we got you covered!get unconsfused about email

No idea where to start? We got that covered too! Visit our contact us page and ask where do I start.

There are many email marketing solutions not listed. Why? Well every Email Service Provider is different, but depending on your needs you can pick any one of these below and not need to look further.

Call today to lock in your results 1-800-720-7301. New and existing members are welcome to fill out a service ticket.

Here are the email marketing ESPs, Platforms, and software which we have worked with to get individuals and companies, like you, the trusted results everyone deserves:

Exact Target:

The ESP choice for those where your job is on the line and/or you want to be Steve Jobs and Bill Gates rolled into one.

Since 2001 we have helped clients know about Exact Target. Today it is even a better platform for your email marketing needs. Exact Target is a Sales Force company and with their intergrations to advanced technologies you can't go wrong.

Exact Target 2001 through 2014

Over the years we have kept up to speed with the just about every platform on the market. We continually do our research and know who is doing what under the hood and how they perform. Email headers say quite a bit.

We give ET a "A+" rating and there are two types of accounts:
1. Advanced for the small old school business needing only the list driven model.
2. Enterprise for any business needing data justified business descisions and "fully" automated marketing.

From dynamic peronalized email to landing pages with smart decision technology to hands off or hands on... Exact Target has been for years the 1st choice for Internet marketing results.

AMPscripting for personalization and data extentions to work with multiple business decisions are just some of the things ET has to offer.

Interspire Email Marketer

The enterprise email platform choice for those where the back end code is portable.

By far, for most budget minded small businesses... the portable platform of Interspire email Marketer, formly known as Send Studio in 2003 - Interspire Send Studio in 2004 - Send Studio NX in 2007 - Interspire Email Marketer in 2008, is the script of choice to intergrate to your website the advanced capabilities of enterprise email marketing. (Power MTA and other advanced third party intergrations are an extra option).

Interspire Email Marketer 2003 through 2014

With powerful API triggers, auto responders, customizable web forms, hosted images, and much more... the IEM solution for the hands on company or development team... is by far an enterprise solution without the hurt on the purse strings. If your going to have over 2 million records; then your may need dedicated hosting. There are some performance issues at the 5 million records and you may need performance tuning of your server set up.

1,400+ web designers, online marketers, and digital consumer engagement agencies have white labled Interspire products to clients.

Call today to lock in your results with Interspire Email Marketer 1-800-720-7301.
New and existing members are welcome to fill out a Interspire Email Marketer service ticket.


The Email Campaign Manager giving a few closed source vendors the run for their money.

Since 2000 phpList has been a great choice for email marketing.

phpList Email Campaign Manager 2000 through 2014

There are some configurations, but when you can control down to the custom error handling with bounces and the send rates... WOW!!! It can get the typical newsletter or email campaign delivered. Even on the most challenging host restrictions... phpList handles the limitations and restrictions under the hood.

Who says you cannot do a million records? Depending on your hosting environment you may want to keep your efforts under the million mark for best performance.

We have done some deep dives and helped many succeed with their campaigns using the self hosted version(s) of phpList.

Call today to lock in your results with phpList 1-800-720-7301.
New and existing members are welcome to fill out a phpList installation or troubleshooting service ticket.

MaxBulk Mailer

The desktop solution for you online marketing managers who just needing the mail to go out.

In 2001 MaxBulk Mailer was for Apple users on the Mac. Today both Mac and PC users have access to the entire suite of the MaxProg software.

MaxBulk Emailer 2001 through 2014

The team at MaxProg worked with us when we needed them the most to have the code do what it needed to do. The software is a machine with data. If your working with more than a million records you may need to look into a more enterprise level solution.

Call today to lock in your results with Training or outsourcing your delivery needs with MaxBulkMailer 1-800-720-7301.
New and existing members are welcome to fill out a MaxBulk Mailer service ticket.

Database Emailer

There are some tools for the email marketing tool chest and then there is Database Emailer.

Since 2008 we have taken a look at all Internet marketing solutions which the DBE team has provided over the years. For us their flagship Database Emailer has helped our VIP members achieve their data segmenting and email delivery goals.

Database Emailer 2008 through 2014

We worked with their engineers specifically on a few break throughs. Everytime the results were outstanding at delivering superior email marketing.

The Innovative Solutions Award recognizes solutions that are groundbreaking and provide quantifiable business value for end-user. That is why in 2009, DBE won the award.

Call today to lock in your results with Database Emailer 1-800-720-7301.
New and existing members are welcome to fill out a Database Emailer service ticket.

Mailing List Manager

We do have a ISP level mailing manager which we can provide on our hosting, but due to our ISP licencing agreement, we only disclose to existing members.

eMail Marketing to prospects for your website can be tough.

Even email sending to your existing cleints can be a challenge.

Yet, you want straight forward answers and we can provide just that! Great service for your email marketing needs.

Call today to lock in your results an become a VIP Member 1-800-720-7301.
New and existing members are welcome to fill out a support ticket.


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